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Experiences in Dronningens Ferieby with activities and creative workshops

Many holiday experiences await you and your residents. We have the opportunity to offer all of you many different activities here in the holiday village. Only imagination sets the limits. You are welcome to come with suggestions, and we will do our best to arrange it. It can be activities and creative workshops both indoors and out of doors. In the summertime, our activities guide is pleased to give you good advice and direction. In addition to that, we are favoured with many attractions in Djursland, so you need not fear to be bored. We have discount arrangements with most of the attractions, and you can order tickets through us.

If there is good weather for outdoor activities, children and adults can look forward to the playground facilities, among other things a large bouncy castle, mooncars, football goals, balls, regular bicycles, double bikes and outdoor games. If the weather dictates indoor cosiness, we have table tennis and tabletop football in the community house. Toys and games of varying types can be borrowed in the reception.

We are pleased to help you put together a programme that is suited to your wishes and needs.


Among other things, we can offer

Singing entertainment by the Grenaa Church choir DKK 2.000,-

Tour with guide on the heaths (2 hours) from DKK 700,-

Creative workshops with instruction (2 hours) from DKK 1000,-

Museum Østjylland in Grenaa has free entry

A good tip in the summertime: Sundown on the bathing jetty

Stenvad Mosebrugscenter

15 min. from Grenaa, you can visit Stenvad Mosebrugscenter, which is adapted all over for wheelchair users. There is an elevator as well as ramps, a good parking situation and room to get around throughout the whole exhibition.

Stenvad Mosebrugscenter is the place where the hard work of the peat cutters fuses with the mystique of the peat bog and where you can relive the memories of the summertime work meant to ensure the winter’s warmth indoors. You are able to see models of different types of bogs as well as original and reconstructed tools and machines for peat extraction.

Outside, children and adults test their strengths in the production of processed peat in frames, play horseshoes, checkers and chess or walk on stilts. Together, you can take a ride on the small train called Tørvegrisen, which runs the tour along the old 2.5 km tipping waggon track that connects the bog with the mill.


  • Hiking and running routes with good accessibility
  • Outdoor fitness pavilions
  • 50-100 metres to the beach
  • Bathing jetty – accessible for wheelchair users
  • Completely new and exciting playground
  • Bouncy castle
  • Hire of mooncars, bicycles and double bicycles
  • Activity programme with guide during the school holidays

Dronningens Ferieby has discount arrangements with most of the attractions.

Attractions in the area

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